Friday, October 26, 2012

Flight & Suspension

Earlier this year I posted about a photo competition that my good friends from college started, River to Well. 100% of the proceeds go to building wells in under privileged countries in Africa.

Tonight begins the first of three showings. 
First they'll stop in Lawrence, KS then head to Denver and on to Minneapolis. 

I'm excited to share that yours truly got two honorable mentions! Both pictures were taking on my travels to the great state of California this summer. 


The rest of the winners can be seen here. 
Worth checking it out! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

All Things Go, All Things Go

I fell in love again
All things go, all things go
Drove to Chicago
All things know, all things know
- Sufjan Stevens "Chicago"

I got the chance to spend the day in the beautiful city of Chicago with Kate and Lisa last Sunday. 
What a perfect day. Here are some snapshots.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Jacket: Michael Kors (via Nordstrom Rack). Sweater: Nordstrom Rack. Skirt: Old Navy.
Boots: Frye (via Nordstrom).
Necklace: Anthropolgie. Ring: Lia Sophia. Earrings: F21. Sunglasses: Target
Nail Polish: OPI "ski teal you drop" + Essie "matte about you." Lip Stick: Revlon Lip Crayon.

It was a beautiful 68 degrees in Chicago a couple days ago. It's always fun to be able to walk the streets of the city in the fall, with the changing leaves, and not be freezing cold. Even though it was pretty warm out it felt like the appropriate day to bust out the fall maxi skirt.

Heading into the city, I knew that I wanted to take pictures on the Museum of Modern Art steps. When Kate, Lisa, and I arrived at the steps there was a huge sign that said Mothers spinning outside. Mother's Day is still six months away so I'm stumped on it's importance.  

Here, see for yourself!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Eight Dollars

Jacket: Free People. Sweater: Gap. Skirt: Francesca's.
Tights: Gap. Boots: Nordstrom. Purse: Etsy (The Bag Shop.) Sunglasses: F21
Necklace: Jewelry Party. Earrings: F21. Bracelet: Renegade Art Festival. Nail Color: OPI "ski teal you drop"  

On Saturday my bff/roommate Kate and I went back to the town I grew up in. We had a lunch and then walked around for a little bit. I like this outfit for a lot for two different reasons.

First. I was perfectly dressed for the temperature on Saturday afternoon. Sometimes in the fall it's hard for me to pick the right amount of clothing to wear. Tights? A jacket? Or maybe a coat? I never really know. But a-ha! I nailed it with this one.

Second. The necklace. I'm starting to accumulate a handful of statement piece necklaces but the best part about this one is its price. Only $8! A good friend of my mom's had a jewelry party where everything was $8. This necklace looks more expensive than that to me and I'm not mad about it. I love a good bargain. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Things I Learned...

... This weekend.
  1. Bookstores are the best place to spend a rainy day. Every month I (try) take a day of solitude. It's one day each month where I turn off my cell phone, don't check my email (or facebook/twitter/etc.) and try to be still and not be ruled by my schedule. On my schedule day of solitude it was super rainy which stifled my plans of sitting at park all day, so instead I headed to Barnes & Noble. I could spend hours looking at books. I recommend it!
  2. There's something special about being at my childhood home. Both Friday and Saturday I got to spend time in the town I grew up in. There is always a calmness exists when I'm there. Home is a good place.
  3. High school girls are just the greatest. Saturday night I had a sleep over with 6 high school girls that are involved in my local Young Life club. I can't remember the last time I stayed up until 3 AM or the time I laughed so hard. Can't believe that's part of my job.
  4. Self serve frozen yogurt is a dream. My order? Original frozen yogurt, raspberries, graham cracker crumbs, and dark chocolate chips. Heaven in your mouth.
  5. It's good to be around friends that know you the best. My close friend Lisa from college stopped through Chicago on her way home from a wedding and spent the whole day with me on Sunday. Even though she lives in Colorado we've been able to see each other six different times in just over a year. Thankful for so many opportunities to be with her. There's something so freeing being with people that just know you. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Things I Learned...

... This weekend.
  1. Dinner and a movie = great date night. I've always felt like that's what people do when you don't have anything else to do but it really is wonderful. Saturday night JJ and I went out to Houlihan's (I recommend the fish tacos) and then went to see Argo (definitely worth your time and money.) M&M's and Sour Patch Kids don't hurt the experience either.
  2. I don't get enough sleep. Nothing more to say about that. Sleep is valuable and I need more of it. (Don't we all though?)
  3. The best way to spend a Saturday is with your mom. My mom came over Saturday afternoon to catch up and finally meet Clive. We sat at my kitchen table, looked a pictures from Honduras, talked about my brothers wedding, and drank coffee. Mom's are the best. 
  4. Pinterest is slowly creeping its way back into my life. During the summer I decided I needed to take a time out when I realized most of my sentence's started with "I saw on Pinterest..." but come on, it's fall. So many great fall recipes and fashions. (Follow me here!)
  5. "Rocky Ground" by Bruce Springsteen sounds so good with the windows down and fall colors everywhere. I know, I know, I'm a broken record. But come one, fall is the best!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Photographs & Memories

I've officially been home from Honduras for five days. 
I'm still in the process of unpacking and reflecting my time there but thought I'd share some pictures. 
I think they probably captured my experience better than any words ever could.

JJ handing out photographs to students at AFE.

Students in class at AFE.


Playground time.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

This is mommy Lucci, who JJ lived with for three months, and her daughter Marielle.

Buen Samaritan neighborhood.

Honduran kids are beautiful.

Cutest cat I've ever seen.

Sweet sweet Angie.

This is my favorite picture of the whole trip.
Sweet Angie and JJ, two people I love a lot.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

September Twenty-Twelve

My goodness, how is it already October 11th? The fall is just flying by. I was updating my October playlist and realized I forgot to post September's soundtrack. Whoops. A little late is better than never, right? Again... don't judge me for my pop music. I love it.
  1. Nobody's Crying - Patty Griffin
  2. Bright Lights and Cityscapes - Sara Bareilles
  3. Lover of the Light - Mumford & Sons
  4. Die Young - Ke$ha 
  5. Heart's Content - Brandi Carlile
  6. Oh to Be Loved - Thad Cockrell
  7. Settle Down (acoustic) - No Doubt
  8. Midnight Serenade - Katie Herzig
  9. Washed By the Water - Needtobreathe
  10. Boy Lilikoi - Jonsi
  11. One Foot - Fun.
  12. Rocky Ground - Bruce Springsteen 
  13. Don't Get Married Without Me - The Punch Brothers
  14. Hoping For Home - Trent Dabbs
  15. The Way It Was - Brooke Annibale 
Any good suggestions for October Twenty-Twelve? 
I'm always looking for some new music!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Things I Learned...

... Last week in Honduras!

  1. Honduran children have my heart. When JJ returned from Honduras last year with a ton of footage and pictures I didn't really notice anything specific about the children but my goodness, when you are with them in person they are just magnetic. They've got so much to offer.
  2. Being in a country where you don't speak the language is difficult. Really difficult. Silly me took French until my junior year of college. I thought that could potentially be helpful with my Spanish but gosh was I wrong. Example: with in Spanish is con, with in French is avec. That's a little bit how my mind felt last week. Every time someone would speak to me in Spanish my mind went from English to French. Here's a promise that next time I go, I'll know a little bit more than gracias and adios. 
  3. It's good to be out of your comfort zone. Not only was not speaking the language a barrier but I just didn't know very much about Honduran culture. I journaled a lot while I was there and noticed that I kept on writing the word lost. And I don't think that was a bad place for me to be this week. It made me realize my own humanity and my need for Jesus even more. Grateful to be pushed to places that challenge me. 
  4. I remembered how much I love to read. When you don't have phone or internet really for a week, there's so much time to read! While I was in Honduras I was able to read 4 books. C.S. Lewis' "A Grief Observed," Lauren Winner's "Mudhouse Sabbath" and "Real Sex," and "Half the Sky" by Nicolas D. Kristof and Sheryl Wudunn. I recommend all of them. They all are so different but all have something rich to offer.
  5. People are doing incredible things with not very much. The school that JJ filmed has an incredible story. AFE (Amor, Fe, Esperzana) started because a Honduran man saw that education was the only way to get kids out of the cycle of poverty and working in the local trash dump. This vision has now turned into a full blown school with about 130 students. 130 kids that would be working in a trash dump that are now able to graduate from high school. You cannot help but be moved when you're standing at AFE.
  6. I am incredibly blessed. It was a strange feeling going to bed last night after a hot shower with my cell phone plugged and my cat curled up next to me. I'm really lucky and have so much to be thankful for. I hope and pray that my time in Honduras wasn't something that I can look back on fondly but that it's a time that changes how I view my life. How often I am unappreciative of the fact that I'm able to type on this very computer. How embarrassing. I'm really really blessed. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Things I Learned...

... This weekend.

  1. The sound of a kitten purring is one of the best sounds. Ever. 
  2. The skyline of Chicago is breath taking. This past weekend I got to celebrate my older brother's engagement. The event took place at this incredible condo overlooking the Chicago river. It had the most stunning views of the city. I love that even though I've grown up with this city it still feels exciting to me.
  3. September 28th is way too late in the game to have your first pumpkin spice latte. I don't know what my deal is this year. Usually I am the first at the door the last day in August when the chalkboard sign is out front reminding me that they're back. But not this year. And I will tell you, poor choice on my part. They are so delicious.
  4. I need to spend more time with my grandparents. I got to see my dad's parents this weekend at the engagement party. I just think the world of them. I'm grateful to still have part of my life. They're pretty incredible people that I've surely got a lot to learn from. 
  5. Setting your alarm for 3:01 AM is vicious (but worth it sometimes.) This week I'm heading to Honduras!! I mentioned here on that my boyfriend JJ filmed a documentary there last year. He's in the process of editing it right now and needs to go back to get some last minute things, and I'm going with! Don't worry, I'm going to take lots of pictures!

So this is will be my only post this week, but 
I'll be back next Monday with "What I Learned... Honduras edition." 
Until next time! 
Enjoy your week!