Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Java Break

Coat: Free People. Cords: Citizen for Humanity. Tee: American Apparel.
Boots: Target. Sunnies: Ray-bans. Scarf: TJMaxx.

The University of Kansas has been good to me in many ways. 
One of those being allowing me to spend four years of my life living in the same city as this woman.
Ladies and gentlemen, the third guest post on Echo Grace, Lisa.  

When Lisa and I met for our very first coffee date during our college orientation we could not have been two more different people. Lisa wore baseball hats and thought bike riding was fun. I liked sperry topsiders and watching movies. That didn't stop us from becoming quick friends. Lisa helped me pick out my very first baseball hat and I helped her pick out an outfit for Thanksgiving break. We had met in the middle. [Bonus: her mom still credits me for all Lisa's style and to this day I will never correct her!]

You may recognize the coat Lisa's wearing from this post. 
One jacket, worn two totally different ways. 
Lisa and I, two really different people, 
one awesome friendship. 

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