Monday, May 13, 2013

Things I Learned...

... This weekend.
  1. I cannot get enough of The Great Gatsby soundtrack. I think I have spent the last 48 hours listening to it. "Young and Beautiful" has been constantly running through my head. I also loved the movie. Baz Luhrmann did a phenomenal job putting the story on a screen. Not sure I loved Carey Mulligan as Daisy but Leo was casted perfectly.
  2. Mother's Day is the best. Since I'm so close to my family we get together pretty frequently. Today felt different though, it was nice to have an intentional day of just celebrating mom. Seriously though, don't know what in the world I'd do without her. 
  3. Traffic automatically puts me in a bad mood. It is kind of incredible how my day can be going well and then all of a sudden traffic hits and I'm instantly frustrated. 
  4. Homecomings always need to start with deep dish pizza and a visit from your bestie (I'd like to think so at least.) My best friend Gwen from high school has been living out in Washington DC for the last 4 years and she moved back to Chicago today! I was able to stop by her house today and give her a big hug (and eat some deep dish pizza) to welcome her home. I'm excited for what's in store with her back home again, can only imagine lots of fun things.
  5. I like to think of myself as a pretty clean person but one thing is for sure, I'm not very good at keeping my room organized. It feels like once I week I take the time to "clean my room" and then somehow within 24 hours its a mess again. Even as I sit here typing I am embarrassed by its current state. A complete mess. Maybe next time...

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