Monday, December 10, 2012

Things I Learned...

... This weekend.
  1. I really love Christmas tree stands in parking lots. I don't know what it is about them but I think they are so beauitful. Maybe it's knowing that all of those trees (hopefully) will end up in someones home and lots of memories will happen around them or be hung on the branches. 
  2. Just showing up means more than any gift. On Saturday evening JJ finally premiered his documentary "The Dust on our Feet" to donors, close family and friends. People traveled from Portland, LA, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, New Jersey, and Michigan to be there to celebrate this accomplishment. It wasn't even my project and I felt so loved that evening. The entire evening was such a blessing and I've never been more proud of JJ. Hopefully everyone will be seeing it many film festivals in the future.  
  3. A clean closet is a happy closet. Every season I always get an itch to purge clothes I've been keeping for no real reason besides the thought that I might wear it "someday." Not only did I get rid of a lot of clothes, but I organized my closet by color. Let's see how long it lasts...
  4. Everyone should take a Sunday afternoon nap. This past weekend it felt like everyone in my house was on the go, running from one place to another. On Sunday there was a window of time for about 2 hours that none of us had to do anything so we all sat down on the couch to watch some TV. Quickly our TV time turned into all four of us napping. I wish someone could have taken our picture. 
  5. Watching people with their friends helps you know someone better. For JJ's premier a  close friend of his Alec flew in from Portland. Alec went to school with JJ and helped him film parts of the documentary in Honduras. When Alec arrived the three of us went out to lunch in the city. It was so fun for me to simply sit at a table with them as they reminisced about college, discussed film, talked future plans and just laughed. I feel so lucky when I get to experience those moments.   

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