Thursday, September 6, 2012

Denim Dresses

Dress: Target. Sweater: Art Effect Boutique (Lincoln Park, IL.) Shoes: Gift.
Necklace: Lia Sophia. Earrings: Michael Chang Jewelry (Etsy.) 

Rings: Right Hand - 5 Green Boxes Boutique (Denver, CO.) Left Hand - Frankfort, MI Art Festival

I'd like to introduce you to my bestie, Alex and my very first "official" guest on echo grace! Alex just moved back to Chicago after a six year hiatus in Oklahoma. I feel like I can speak for the city on this one, Chicago is so glad to have her back.  

Alex and I met in preschool and have remained best friends since. I knew that we were going to be best friends when picture day happened at Pilgrim Preschool. We both happened to show up and be wearing denim dresses (I can feel your judgement eyes, come on! It was 1991) pink tights, and a pink bow in our long brown hair. Generally this is any girls worst nightmare but at 4, it was a clear sign our friendship was meant to be. And today I am confident and proud to tell you that both of our styles have evolved. Thank goodness, right?

As I was looking through these pictures of Alex on the back porch of her apartment, I was struck by the way she even looks classic and put together in a long jersey dress. Talk about effortless beauty.  

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