Friday, June 8, 2012

Hot Air

Two of my dear friends Kevin Reid & Kelly Reed (I hope you love both their names together as much as I do) are making some awesome music together. There is nothing like watching people you love (or really anyone) do something that they were created to do. These two are both gifted song writers and together are making beautiful heartfelt music.

The story about their name is so unique. Kevin is living in Northern California and Kelly lives in the Chicagoland so they chose the city that is directly the half way point between those two places. Hanna, South Dakota. I looked it up on Wikipedia (I know, my professors at KU would be dying) and it's so small the page doesn't even have a population number. 

Their single just "dropped" on itunes this week. You can find it here. It's only $0.99! What a steal. (Sneak Peak: It made it to my June 2012.)

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