Friday, May 25, 2012

Mosquito Bites

Dress: F21. Scarf: Francesca's. Belt: H&M. Shoes: H&M. Jewelry: Charming Charlie's & H&M. 

I have a hunch this is going to be the only time I post twice in a day but cheers to my first closet post! Enjoy.

My roommate (and BFF) Kate helped me take these pictures. We haven't spent much time in our backyard yet so I shouldn't be too surprised to now have two mosquito bites. One of them graciously bit my face too. What the heck, thought those buddies weren't going to show up for a couple more weeks. Dang it.


  1. Nat, what is that nail color you have on? I loveee it and it's exactly the type of color I have been looking for

  2. I'm 95% sure it's sweet memories by OPI!