Monday, January 14, 2013

Merry Christmas [Part II]

Happy New Years from yours truly! (a bit late)

date brunch with JJ

JJ got me a polaroid camera for Christmas! It's the best!
Here are some of my Florida holiday captured on film. 

Life doesn't get better than the beach and diet coke.

sweet alfie boy.

Nothing like one last shot of palm trees and some Florida sun.

2013 is really happening. After my 10 days in Florida with my family I returned home for a couple days and headed right back to Florida for work. I feel like I have not really been present in my life here in Chicago. I'm ready to be back in my (chaotic) rhythm of life.

Here are some last snapshots from my time in Naples. I'm excited for what is in store this coming year. And just as excited to document it here.

Looking forward to the journey.

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