Friday, August 17, 2012

River to Well

I often feel like I start every post of mine like so... "my friend _______ is so talented." And here's the thing, it's true. So much of my life has been blessed by the talents of people around me.

So here it goes again, my friend Ken is so talented. A handful of years ago he went on a trip to Africa with a couple of his friends. When he was there he was struck by the lack of clean water in so many communities. Once Ken got home he decided he wanted to do something about it. He took one of his passions, photography, and used that as a medium to get clean water to folks halfway across the globe.

With the help of a handful of friends, he started River to Well. River to Well is a photo competition that uses 100% of its proceeds to build wells in Africa.  

It is wonderful.

If you love photography or even if you don't love photography. Take some time to check out their website and see what they're about. The competition is in full swing until September 30th. 

River to Well


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